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We provide the following services and customize 

them to your specific needs:

Crisis Management Solutions has identified that many schools and businesses are deficient when it comes to safety.  Crisis Management Solutions uses a multi-pronged approach to achieve the following goals:


  • Perform a site assessment to evaluate the physical security and operation practices of your site(s)

          o  Review and update your Emergency Action Plan / Safe Schools Plan by

               providing the most updated policies and procedures


  • Train all employees on emergency procedures by providing the necessary tools, thus empowering them to handle critical incidents

          o  Provide scenarios and tabletop exercises for continued staff / employee



  • Provide training for executives, managers, administrators, and supervisors in the following:

          o  Laws and Liability

          o  Decision making

          o  Employee training

          o  Critical Incident Management

          o  Incident Command System

  • ​Implement a student threat assessment team, which includes protocols and assessment worksheets to collaboratively assess student that are at-risk and provide necessary resources.

  • ​​We are also pleased to announce, we just launched an electronic online tip reporting website called Report Now (  Our online reporting allows users (parents and students) to instantly report an incident, concerning behavior, or tip from any desktop browser or smart phone 24/7.  It also allows you to upload files and screen shots.  Once the user pushes send, a designated list of school officials will then be notified via email.


Through our comprehensive training and services, your employees will obtain the tools necessary to act appropriately during critical incidents.

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