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All of our assessments and trainings are customized to fit your specific needs.  Our team of consultants are comprised of current or former Law Enforcement Officers and/or military personnel with a background in threat assessment and active shooter / threat response. 

Crisis Management Solutions

So much has changed in the last fifteen years as a result of lessons learned from Columbine and other active shooter incidents at schools and businesses.  We all know that schools and businesses have and obligation to keep everyone safe.  

As a result of past events, one fact became evident: schools and businesses are no longer the safe haven they should be.  That is evident due to the fact that there have been more active shooter events in the past four years then the previous decade.  


Crisis Management Solutions provides cutting edge training on procedures in the event of an intruder, armed intruder, active shooter / threat, suspicious package / device, and bomb threats.  Theses criminal acts and threats are crippling our schools and businesses.  We provide you with the tools and training to be better prepared to deal with these critical incidents.

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