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At Crisis Management Solutions we believe the safety of staff and students is of the utmost importance, which is why we have created ASTOP.  ASTOP (Active Shooter Threat Options and Prevention) is the most comprehensive protocol for schools dealing with intruders, armed intruders, active shooters, active threats, bomb threats, and explosions, to name a few.  Most programs out there are limited and restrictive during emergencies and lockdowns, but ASTOP provides staff and students with the most extensive options for consideration to increase odds of survival during a critical incident.  

ASTOP is just one component of what we have to offer.  We offer the following services to improve the overall safety of your school:

  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Comprehensive Safe School Plan
  • ​Train all staff members on ASTOP and Lockdown Procedures to educate, familiarize and empower
  • Train administration on decision making, managing a critical incident, and post critical incident
  • Develop a Student Threat Assessment Program for your school or school district
  • Design and Implement an online tip service called Report-Now (
  • ​Provide a scenario / tabletop book for continued training 

​Stay Alive, Stay Prepared, and Survive

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